A Breakfast A Day - Masterclass at Star Bazaar

Breakfast Evangelist. I don't even remember how that bit got started, but I wear it now with pride and a wide smile. I try, in my own small way, to remind you all why you should not be missing the first meal of the day. I experiment with recipes, I explore local markets whenever I travel, and I try and surprise myself and my loved ones with new flavours and textures, all on the breakfast plate. It's never been a task, but a joy I truly want to share with you all.

And so, in that quest, I will be sharing some of my favourite breakfast recipes at the Star Hyper, in Andheri, on 12th March, 12 noon.

I have resolved to not make this another one of those workshops where I teach and you sit watching. This will be a fun space, with lots of interaction, questions, answers, and a lot of discussion on how can you and I together make breakfast the new love of our lives. Sounds good? 

Can't wait to connect with you, and share your breakfast stories!

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