Decoding Colour Trends For Indian Homes - The Book Of Colours 2016

Picture this. You have had a long day at work. The traffic snarls add to your woes. You are probably a bit thirsty. And world weary, for now at least. You reach home. You unlock the door, leave the keys on the sideboard, and sink into your favourite chair, a glass of cold water in hand.

And suddenly, all is well with the world. It’s amazing what beautiful images and moments the word “home” can instantly conjure. It means so many different things to each one of us. A private haven, an oasis in an urban jungle, a tiny castle, a refuge, and to some, a statement of their own beliefs and aesthetics. Whatever your home means to you, it is, more often than not, the centre of your everyday life. It’s easy to get emotionally attached to the way our home looks and feels, from the walls to the soft furnishings. What is also true, however, is that homes, like every other key area of our life, respond beautifully to a well-planned change, responding with a fresh burst of energy and joyous vibes.

It’s always a great feeling to embark on giving your loved home a much needed makeover. Inspiration for beautiful homes can come from many places these days. I have an extensive collection of books on décor, lighting, wall art, and even soft furnishings. But a well-curated compendium with a focus on an ever evolving set of Indian sensibilities had been missing for a while.

Asian Paints recently filled that significant void through “The Book Of Colours 2016”, an extensive guide to the home décor and colour trends for the Indian home. A pictorial journey that will help home owners create a unique style for their living spaces through a selection of colours, lighting, furnishings, accessories, and a touch of texture and pattern.

Since establishing a theme for a living space is important for achieving a cohesive and aesthetic décor, the book is thoughtfully segmented into Bedrooms, Living and Dining Spaces, and Other Spaces. Each segment is further arranged into a gallery of relevant spaces, going on to segregate the trends into Contemporary, Classic-Modern, and Experimenter Collections. 

Each segment plays with an eclectic array of colour and décor variants that can inspire the most important spaces in your home. Beautiful images provide an insight into each style, with succinct outlines of the colour variants used in every image. Each décor look shows how to create a well-groomed room through contrast, proportion, colour and light. These are decorating and colour ideas to browse through at leisure, and make it more than just another coffee table book. Not just adhering to insights on the many colour combinations that can light up your walls, it touches upon everything from paintings to light fixtures, to flowers and soft furnishings to create a comprehensive look for your home, providing an endless stream of information and inspiration. 

Colour, without doubt, plays the lead role in the book. Decoding some complex and unusual colour combinations, the book has been effective in visually communicating the usage of colours to manipulate a space, and create a certain mood. What I loved most was the fact that they have played with an extremely wide range of palettes, making this book useful for people with differing takes on what their home must look like. Bold and engaging palettes, rich tones, mixed metals, contrasting palettes, neutrals –the variety is spectacular. Several looks include dramatic wall features added to create instant appeal by drawing the eyes to an area as soon as you enter the room. 

I have a shelf full of books on décor ideas from across the world, and always felt that there was a spot for one which caters to global sensibilities, rooted in Indian origins. “The Book Of Colours 2016” has found its rightful place in that spot.

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