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Food is kind of the key to my existence. I don’t mean it merely in terms of mere sustenance. It has a paramount role to play in my happiness and overall well-being. It’s almost a part of who I am. I love connecting with my friends and family over elaborate meals. Some I cook, some we go out for. So, in a way, an army of new places cropping up all over the city should be a boom. It’s meant to give us a new place to converge in, and explore, right? But it doesn’t always turn out to be quite that. Sure, there are a lot of new restaurants determined to redefine this and that for an average foodie. They all have fancy interiors, extensive “Signature” menus, celebrity chefs, and elaborate launches. But not all of them have the energy that resonates with my personal preferences.

That is not to say that most of them hit the mark. Some are spot on, some are repeat worthy, and ever so rarely, I do find a place I want to keep going back to. It need not necessarily be the place with the very best food. Though good food is a primary requisite. But the overall energy of the place has to be such that I won’t think twice before dropping in there, all alone, just with my laptop, order something off a trusted menu, and spend an afternoon of some quality time with myself. Those places are my real heroes.

The one I am going to talk about in this place checks all the right squares, and makes me feel right at home. Been there often enough, and can rattle off my favourites from their menu right away. Craft DBB, a deli-bistro and bar has given me and my family that right balance of chic setting, great food, and a welcoming vibe that has put it right among the list of our all time favourites. Khan and I walked past the space when it was being built, and it beckoned. Even before its doors were thrown open to the public, it seemed so… promising. The space didn’t feel caved in, or tucked away. It stood out, and called you in. 

My first visit there was as a food blogger, on an invite for a food tasting. Within a week, we were back. The food and the cocktails had a lot of built in fun and drama, but also the right flavours. Some classics came to us in a new avatar, playing up the traditional aspect, while bringing in a refreshing twist. The presentation is top notch. But that doesn’t say much because all food in the city now comes dressed pretty. For us, what worked were the very obviously super-fresh ingredients, and food made to please and fill you up. Think handmade brie and camembert, organic free range eggs, coffee from Chikmangalur, and organic granola. Food here doesn’t just taste good, it does good stuff for you too! The open kitchen hides nothing, as the chefs put together your meal with passion and skill. One of my favourite parts of a visit here is to just watch them at work. 

24 Hour Brined Roast Chicken
Beet and Ricotta Ravioli
Coconut and Corn Bisque
Craft Caprese
Savoury Baklava 
Trio Of Cheesecake Deconstructed
Veggie Waffle Club
Try the Trio of Deli Dips, or the Craft Caprese salad, which gets a twist that comes as a respite after watching this classic wither under the weight of familiarity. The thin and crisp made to order pizzas come topped with the finest ingredients: Kale, artichoke, Cajun Spiced Chicken among others. Enjoy a small plate of Savoury Baklava, Quinoa Chicken Strips, or Panko Crusted Artisanal Brie. Their large plates of Porcini & Truffle Risotto, and Beet & Ricotta Ravioli (sublime!) are among my personal favourites.

But at the end of the day, like I said earlier, food is just one part of Craft’s charm. It’s the vibrant energy of the place that keeps me going back. I guess it’s a very personal connect that we develop with some spaces. But I’d definitely urge you to visit Craft to experience firsthand what true love for food feels like.

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