Viktor-Adler Markt in Vienna

It's amazing what memories a set of old pictures can trigger. I was going through our photographs from last year's trip to Vienna, and the sights and sounds of a local market were refreshed in the most pleasant way. Let me start at the very beginning. We had chosen an AirBnB accommodation away from the city centre, in Angeligasse area of Vienna. This was a deliberate decision, because we wanted to explore the non-tourist part of the city. I just felt, instinctively, that staying away from the "traveller's attractions" will have its own unique rewards. Angeligasse is a quiet and rather laid back residential zone. A day after we reached, we asked our hosts for suggestions and were guided to the Viktor-Adler Farmers' Markt in the nearby Favoriten. This is a real Viennese market, not a showpiece for the tourists. It lies in a colourful, multicultural part of the city. Unlike the central, imperial part of Vienna, it's a sweet, noisy, happy place, with cheap prices, and pretty much all the joys of its famous cousin, Naschmarkt. There are lots of restaurants and cafes all around, and enough branded shops, just a short walk away, to keep the shopaholics indulged. I indulged in some criminally awesome desserts, and don't regret at all that I never took any pictures. I was too much "into the moment". Husband walked around looking at cheap and fabulous shoes and hats. and I feasted my eyes on local delights - peppers stuffed with cheeses, a huge selection of dried fruits and spices, an assortment of teas, and more desserts. It's one thing watching tourists haggle fruitlessly for a useless artifact in a mainstream market. It's another thing altogether, watching old friends greet each other, or asking the stall owners for the "usual". And the sweet cherry on top are the fabulous prices you pay for locally made cheeses and confections. 

You get to the Viktor-Adler Markt with the line U1, station Reumannplatz. I would suggest spending an entire day, soaking in the real Vienna life. The market is open from Monday to Friday, 6 am to 7.30 pm, and on Saturdays, from 6 am to 5 pm. It's shut on Sundays. I have always believed that the further away you go from the central districts of a famous city, the closer you get to the real life that place lives and breathes. I have no ambitions of exploring the entire world. Just discover a few new places every now and then, and go back to some of my favourite ones. Vienna is a city I can keep going back to, over and over again. And hopefully, when the next trip happens, I will revisit this beautiful market, and enjoy its lovely gifts. 

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  1. These markets in Europe are really cost effective, and one gets real fresh stuff.


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