Packing list for a rain-drenched weekend

So Mumbai just tasted its first serious rainfall, and now, we all are gasping for a break. This weekend promises to be rain-drenched, and the sane souls will hide in their homes, as the rains threaten to continue their assault. Some folks, who were dropped on their heads during birth, however, will be heading out for the weekend. And since this isn’t the first time I have done things in direct contrast with the concept of sanity, I will be one of them.

So, if all goes well, I’d be headed to Purushwadi, about a 100 kms from Mumbai, to experience one of the most breathtaking sights that Maharashtra experiences every year – the fireflies. An army of them. Like tiny stars swarming through your world.
But before I get to that spot of magic, stuff needs to be packed. And since it’s not going to be an easy weekend, living in a tent, out in the fields, one needs to be careful about what stuff gets packed. 

Here is a basic list of what’s going in my bag to the Field Of Fireflies.

  • Raincoat. And umbrella. Yes. Both. You don’t know how ruthless Maharashtra rains can be. So, I am not taking any chances.
  • Sturdy and trusted Rain shoes. Because, Jimmy Choos arenot made for puddles and the water logged village tracks.
  • Tees. A couple of extras. It’s rain. You don’t trust water falling down from the skies. It has utter disregard for your weekend plans.
  • Shorts. A couple of extra pairs. For the same reason as above.
  • Undergarments. Unless Commando is your thing on weekends.
  • Scarf. Or stole. Or a light shawl. Something to keep you warm through the nights.
  • Flashlights. With extra batteries.
  • Fully charged Power Banks for your mobile phones.
  • Cameras, with extra batteries and memory cards.
  • Water-tight ziplock bags for your phone and camera.
  • Ipod.
  • More plastic bags for wet clothes.
  • Flip flops. For when you are not wading through water.
  • A bag of toiletries. Keep it basic. If you are out in the jungle, or on a village trek, you are not being judged for your smokey eyes. Toothbrush, toothpaste, dental floss, face wash, sanitizer, deodorant, hair brush, sunscreen, hair ties. Also keep a tube of mosquito repellant handy.
  • A couple of books.

Yup. That’s it, I think. I also like to carry my neck pillow, a packet of wet tissues, some basic meds and tums, and a couple of my luxury tea bags, just to ease things out a bit more for myself. And I carry nothing more than a small overnight bag, and a waist pouch. The whole idea is to relax and enjoy your getaway.  Don’t over complicate things. But don’t be caught off-guard as well.

As you travel more and more (I highly recommend it), you will learn more about yourself, and the kind of traveler you are. Maybe you need a bit more, or a bit less. Whatever, go with the flow. Things will not always go smoothly. That’s how you learn to think on your feet, and acquire some basic life skills beyond your workplace. It’s worth it.

If my friend and I do manage to make it to Purushwadi, and come back, I will hopefully have some stunning pictures and some beautiful stories to tell. Till then, don’t just sit there. Plan a getaway. Tell me some stories. 


  1. Beautiful presentation.
    Must packing list during rainy weekend.Thanks for sharing.
    Waiting for your next post to see the stunning shots.

  2. Lovin' those rainboots! SOOOOO much fun! Lets go puddle hopping!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  3. I'd bring a bag of uncooked rice to soak all of my water-logged electronics!


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