Less heartache, more love - Tips on Online Furniture Buying

It’s no secret that one of the most important investments you will ever make is your own home. In my case, I believe it’s not just the home itself, but the interiors too that are an important investment.

When people come over to our tiny rented apartment, compliments starts flowing. It’s a small space, and we have utilized every corner optimally. It’s always a moment of pride for me. When shopping for furniture or decor items for my home, I have always refused to compromise. I spend day, weeks, sometimes even months trying to find that perfect piece that is a great blend of form and function.

We all went through the days when you spent a good chunk of time begging your carpenter to first show up, then take an awful lot of time trying to understand exactly what you need, and then, send in a quote for the furniture, which, in all probability, pushed your budget limits to breaking point. It was a frustrating experience, every single time. And this, just to get the work started. Then began a gruelling journey of follow-ups, delays, excuses. Finally, the furniture would arrive, and with it the nasty surprises. It looked nothing like what you had in mind!

These days, however, great, durable, and beautiful furniture is  #JustAClickAway
Online furniture shopping has taken roots among the Indians looking to pick up their home’s interiors with minimum fuss. It should be a pleasurable experience, not one that gives you palpitations, nightmares, high blood pressure and heartache. How much will it cost? When will it arrive? Will it be durable? What if I don’t like it? How long will they take to assemble it? What about the delivery?

I feel that in today’s competitive market setup, online lifestyle and furniture companies are very well cued in to the customer’s needs. When it comes to browsing rather than stressing for your furniture, online portals are making sure that Customer truly is the King.
Even so, it is important to exercise caution when buying online. It is easy to get swayed by the extensive and seemingly “value” offerings of the many furniture providers. But I would like to list a few Dos and Don’ts when it comes to online shopping. Follow these, and you would have a home full of beautiful furniture, and memories, and no stress and heartache to show for it!

Remember that despite the big promises, not all internet retailers are reliable. I would recommend going with a reputable, well-known name. They are careful about their reputation, and usually prompt of after-sale services.

I have, through personal experience, learned that better online retailers usually have an extensive “About” page, detailing the company’s history and clear information about their customer service and satisfaction guarantee. Good companies will always list a way for you to contact them offline. Remember this when doing your online research.
A good company will have a clear return policy. Make sure that your provider does not have complicated return procedures, or does not allow returns at all. Believe me, it has happened to folks I know, and it isn’t pretty!

Always check on the delivery policies of a company. Make sure they are flexible and accommodating. A lot of online retailers, for some reason tend to think that the customers have nothing to do except sit and wait for their furniture to arrive!

Oh, and that real pain in the neck – assembly. Even if the product gets delivered on time, the follow-ups on assembly are a huge party pooper! Make sure that the furnishings provider has good reviews online where their product assembly is concerned.

A very important point. Remember, good furnishing does not come cheap. I like to invest well in key pieces. Which is why it is crucial to take into account that the provider gives you the option of paying with the mode you are comfortable with, i.e., cash on delivery, card on delivery, easy finance options etc. And, they give you an EMI option. One provider that fulfils almost all my online shopping criteria is Durian. Apart from being a well-known and established name in furnishings, they have fabulous finance options and even give and easy EMI options. This is in addition to a great product line that comes with a 5 years warranty, and the promise of reliable and prompt after-sales service. With their large corporate affiliations and their emphasis on “Made In India”, they have a lot riding on their name, and the quality of their products bears that credibility stamp.

All in all, take time to research and evaluate your options. Strike a balance between value and quality. Consider it one of your most valued investments, if like me, you guys too believe that every piece of furniture in your home should be handpicked with love and care. 


  1. Grrrreat furniture pieces!!! LOOKS AWESOME!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


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