Follow The GenX - A drive across Pune

It’s a bit of a task getting up at 5 am. It reminds me of school days. Okay, so school days were good. But not the bit about getting up at unearthly hours. But I did just that, this Sunday, for a drive to Pune, for the #FollowTheGenX event with Indiblogger, in association with TATA NANO GenX. I have NO clue why I agreed to it. Except that Pune is one of my favourite cities, and a day trip sounded kind of exciting.

So, at 6.30 am, I was in a bus, with a bunch of sleepy-headed strangers, headed to Pune. A quick round of introductions followed, post which everyone promptly fell asleep. There was a prank involving a toy bearded dragon, with an innocent name – Lizzie. But apart from that, it was a pretty much cool and relaxed ride.

Once in Pune, we drove into the picturesque TATA gardens, to which few mortals have access. A lovely breakfast spread awaited us here. A cup of coffee, and I was pretty much awake, and wondering what I had signed up for. I am not much of an adventure person. It was a Sunday morning, and I was already missing my cozy bed. There was a beautiful lake just ahead of where we all were having breakfast, and it was beckoning. But there really was no time for that kind of indulgence because the group was being briefed about the adventure-laden test drive in the TATA NANO GenX, which we were to drive across Pune. After a quick intro by the TATA Team, who took us through the unique features the new NANO comes with, we were divided into groups. I was in the Group H, along with three other guys, Alexander, Prasanna, and the very hyper but fun Aditya.

I was still wondering what I had signed up for, when the cars were flagged off. We were to be given some challenges that the folks following the Test Ride on twitter would throw at us. We were supposed to accept those challenges, and execute them. All this while I still had visions sticking to my mind, of me curled up near the lake, fast asleep, or at least just relaxing with a good book.

But fate.
We drove off, with Prasanna at the wheel, in a spanking new, red GenX. Precisely ten seconds into the flag off, we nearly crashed the car into the flower bed. NOW I was awake.

Everyone in the car was on high alert post the near mishap. Which is perhaps why we were able to complete the six challenges in time.
1.       Take a picture holding coffee mugs while driving on a bumpy road.
2.       Hold an object, the same colour as the car, and take a picture.
3.       Headbang to the music playing in the car.
4.       Arm wrestle in the back seat of the car.
5.       Take a group selfie in the rear view mirror of the car.
6.       Do a flash mob dance on the streets of Pune.

All this while driving the GenX, and experiencing its features like the quick cooling AC, the Easy Shift (5 speed automated manual transmission. I had to write this one down to remember it!) for city-traffic cruising, the comfortable leg space, which, btw, was a big surprise or me, because I always perceived it to be a space cramped car. Its sporty chic look and some exciting new colours (Sangria Red and Persian Rose) are bound to make some new fans. Especially in traffic bound cities, and areas with bad roads, which is pretty much everywhere. It’s comfortable for four folks, and quite well-behaved on pot-holed roads as well. Design wise, it’s going to put a smile on your face, with an infiniti motif grill that actually looks like a smiley! Oh, and it gets a 24 litres tank, so you can take your happy puppy for almost 500 kms before a fuel stop! Plus openable boot. Very important for long trips and shopping sprees!

Once we were done analysing the features of the car, a happy lunch awaited us at Mezzo 9 in Pune. Driving stories were exchanged among the groups and the news of our Flag Off stunt had caught on. Other teams were also mildly amused by our Flash Mob Dance, and the fact that we even got some random stranger to dance with us. Mad Fun!
Much selfie clicking and number exchanging happened at the lunch. And the morning’s sleep-deprivation, plus the hyper-dose of excitement and adventure started catching up with the people. It was time to drive back to the Lake House. This time, it was an easy cruise, and we were too exhausted anyway for any further challenges. So just as well that refreshment awaited us back at the venue. But that was not all!

As we took in the lovely sights of the lake, we noticed a circle of drums arranged on the lawns! A drum circle in that beautiful lakeside! Varun Venkit, the founder of Taal Inc. was to be the facilitator, as we beat the djembe drums, and lost ourself in that fabulous sunset of rhythm and beats! What a way to end the day, guys! It just ended too soon!
Back in Mumbai, I was browsing through some mad pictures from the #FollowTheGenX on twitter. Do check them out. I also uploaded a YouTube video, where you can see me giggling insanely, and almost losing it at some points. But it all ends in tranquility.
Guys, do give the cutsie little GenX a looksie. It’s a petite number with loads of attitude. Even a louchbug like me might be able to drive it.


  1. My my!!! Nostalgia strikes and how!!! Lovely account my dear! :-) hopefully mine coming up soon! Much love, Archie. :-)

  2. I bet, it was worth getting up that early. What a fun day you had! Beautiful photos.

  3. Lovely. The post brings back the memories.

  4. nice... My experience and video here http://www.enidhi.net/2015/05/indiblogger-genx-tatanano-easyshift.html

  5. Amazing - both the photos and the experience :)

  6. looks like it was well worth waking up at 5am for! I am not so good that early in the morning :)

  7. We were all Sleepy heads hehe :D :)
    well written and wait for my post :) I have mentioned your name :D

  8. Wow! What a description!


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