Wellness Projekt - Rediscovering Life's balance

So who else is tired of having to buy clothes that fit you, rather than be able to wear what you like? Um… I know I am. And I need to take charge of my health, just like so many of you, busy with crazy work schedules do. All this eating out, staying up late, working hard isn’t getting my health any where. So, it’s time for an intervention. I have started  three months long Wellness Projekt for myself, where I try to get rid of my bad habits, and take baby steps towards leading a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. 

By baby steps, I mean, taking things one day at a time. Big fitness goals can be intimidating. So the thumb rule is, the only goal is happiness. No weighing myself. No kicking myself for slipping once in a while. No racing towards a deadline. No rewarding myself with food. 

And while I am at it, I am trying to incorporate some healthy habits into my day to day schedule. Like staying hydrated, including fruits, whole grains and vegetables in my diet, and ensuring that my nutrients intake is optimal.

I also got sent this Wellness Nutrishake by Oriflame, which is a vegetarian shake containing a blend of proteins, low GI carbs, and fibre. It’s meant to keep my mid-meal hunger cravings at bay. It comes with a scoop and a cute shaker, and I can even carry it to office, because it fits into my handbag.

Before you start on any health programme, I strongly recommend getting a full body checkup done, and taking the advice of your practitioner. I got my annual check-up done a couple of weeks ago, and was not to happy with the results. Hopefully, changing my life’s track will first stall and then reverse the damage my body has suffered over the years.

I will be putting up some fruit based snacks and some yummy and nutritious summer drinks on the blog over the next couple of months. You will also find the recipes on my YouTube Channel. So, do Subscribe if you too want to feel healthier, lighter, happier. 


  1. This is amazing! We all need to take some efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle

  2. Great advice here and I hope you manage to keep at your new healthy eating regime :)

  3. Anything for lazy guys like me? Please!

    On a serious note, I'd really try it. Thanks! As a boxer, I absolutely agree to your pointers.

    I'm not much in nutritions, Pratistha, But, my coach always asked us to intake carbohydrates. I know that it's a wrong forum, but was I wrong in following him?

    I stopped carbohydrates when I stopped boxing, but is it right?

  4. Very cool and healthy project!
    Thanks for sharing! ;)

  5. good luck to you on the wellness project....:)

  6. Fabbbulous pics babe!!! LOVE the healthy message in this post!!! SOOO positive and awesome!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


  7. I have started three months long Wellness Projekt for myself, where I try to get rid of my bad habits, and take baby steps towards leading a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. spend your winter vacation


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