Tiny bedrooms big on style

Dreams versus reality.

Dream: Big French windows, billowing curtains, massive floor space, king-size bed.

Reality: A tiny, rental space where a "single-large" bed barely fits. Oh, and some floor space to move around. Windows, if you are lucky, but small ones.

Yup. We all have to suck it in and face the reality. Not all of us are born to big apartments and sprawling bungalows. Most of us have to make do with what we have. And what we have is mostly a far cry from what we thought it would be. Welcome to the world of real estate. 

Small apartments are the norm now. Let's accept and embrace this reality, and start thinking out of the box to create space solutions around the very limitations that frustrate us. Why not? As the bedrooms that follow will show you, small spaces can boast big style. If these guys can do it, why not you and I? A bit of clever thinking, some structured planning, a good dose of DIY and looking for stuff in markets close-by can get you closer to a lovely space. Create a sanctuary of soothing colors, plush pillows, great artwork, and comfortable bedding using ideas from these cool bedrooms from Apartment Therapy. 

1. Bed Drawers and multi-tier nightstands

2. Use a small desk as a nightstand 

3. Keep it simple, with just a great bed

4. Create a hanging DIY shelf to save space

5. Go crazy with the headboard

6. A white palette makes happy rooms

7. Don't be intimidated by lack of space

8. Rethink the foot of the bed

Now, here is the deal. It's easier to preach. Practicing it is another game altogether. What I have shared with you today is what I am actually doing in the super tiny bedroom of our new rental. I have used these tips to create a beautiful space. And will soon share the pictures. If you have been reworking on your home decor, or shifting into a new space, give me a shout out. I'd love to see your ideas. 


  1. Stunning deco tips! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  2. Love the tip of using small desk as nightstand. Will apply soon

  3. I loved the styles.



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