Keep Calm & Survive This Summer

I survived the annual medical check-up. It was yesterday, and I whined and complained through four gruelling hours of practically every part of me probed, prodded and examined. It’s one of my least favourite days in a year. Fortunately, I go for the test with the husband, and we form a day-long complainers club. We call the staff collecting blood sample “vampires”. We call the physician “Dr Jhatka”. The Sonography technician’s name isn’t pretty either. And I won’t even get to what we call the Gynecologist who does my Pap Smear.

Plus, you know, there are all these other folks around you at the medical centre. For some reason, within a couple of hours of being there, we all start looking sick. Oh, and I have to tell you about the Spirometry test. It’s a test that assesses how well your lungs are working by measuring the air you inhale and exhale. They ask you to put this tube into your mouth and start breathing through your mouth. It’s a funny contraption, as is. Yesterday, this girl plugs my nose with a clip, puts that contraption in my mouth, and then... asks me to not breathe while she sets the data. Yes. She asks me to NOT breathe. I take the tube out and point out the glitch in her instructions, while my nose is still plugged. Suddenly the alarm on my phone goes off! The girl all but faints. The alarm is to remind me to go in for my second round of blood test, to be done two hours after breakfast. I fumble and apology, and rush out, telling her we will complete the test later.
I did manage to complete the test somehow. But you kind of get why I hate the annual check-ups. On a positive note, my heart and lungs seem to be working fine. Will get the rest of the reports later this week.

Oh, and the summer is here.

Now, I know that for some countries, summer is a good idea. Bright, sunny days that they welcome by shedding off some weight, so they can fit into their new swimwear, and lounge around the beaches. In Mumbai, summer is a perpetual season, interrupted by rains that clog the drains, and acquaint your ankles with muck composed of stuff you’d not really like to hear about. So summers are not really welcomed here. We hide. We weep. We hurl our fists at the Sun, and utter rude words. We bathe often. We use copious quantities of deodorants. Some days, we give up and contemplate Armageddon.  
If you are reading this, and going, “Yeah, I hear you, lady!”, I’d hug you, but it’s too darn hot, and we’d both probably be sweating heavily. So, let’s just do a virtual high-five. Terrible summers, right?

So, I am just going to dunk some ice into a tall glass, and get going on some cool summer drinks. Lots of water-rich fruits around, so juice up, drink up,  keep calm and survive this heat.

I dug out some cool recipes for you guys. Drool over the gorgeous images, and follow the links to the source.


  1. I hate medical check ups
    Nice post

  2. I absolutely relate with your medical check up experience.

    1. Yeah, right? But it's needed for all of us.

  3. Those drinks look sooo yummmy and pretty!!! That ice coffee just made me drooool! SOOOOOOO GOOOOOD!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls


    1. I know!!! Indian summers are cruel!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome drinks and pictures.... Loved them!!


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