IKEA, come to India already!

Every time I travel abroad, I come back raging with IKEA envy. Beautiful, practical home solutions that we all could do with, more so with ever shrinking apartments. Space utility is not a big emphasis in India, but it should be. We don't even have a defined concept of using vertical spaces, and can't think of storage beyond big, bulky cupboards that our local carpenter puts together, or we hunt for in the furniture stores online and offline. Some of the stuff is good, no doubt, and a positive change is being seen. Folks are rethinking their spaces. But we need more. It's such a pain looking for options and alternatives, when you don't really have any. And right outside our borders, lies this wonderland full of awesome interiors. 

I can't even!!!!

Why IKEA, why? Pretty please!

And till the time you make your journey... I shall sit and stalk your webpages. And lust heavily. If you were a person, I'd be calling you and breathing heavily into the phone. See the desperation? Now, hurry up!

I mean, who wouldn't want this headboard?

Look at this! Stay still my heart, and all that!

Hey good lookin'!

Now, this is storage!

Nice!!! Right? so, why is it not here already?


  1. beautiful..I like this one..great stuff..
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