Culinary Collaborations - Breakfast Projekt and The White Owl

I have been mentioning the Culinary Collaborations with The White Owl through my social media for a while now. The brewery bistro has already received rave reviews across the board. They have been dishing out great food that pairs beautifully with the in-house craft beers, and when a chance to curate a menu, featuring some of my favourite dishes, alongside a few created specially for Breakfast Projekt came, along, it was hard to Keep Calm!

In Mumbai, where beer still doesn't have the same status as wine, there is a growing creed of beer lovers who appreciate and demand quality craft beer, after having sampled it in micro-breweries across the world. This Culinary Collaboration, in particular, gave me a chance to combine my three passions - communication, food, beer, and I wanted the final menu to be worth every sip, and every bite, for the food and beer lovers in Mumbai.

Craft beer being so versatile, there were so many opportunities to play with flavours while putting together a special menu. Chef Dinesh Bherwani and I had lengthy discussions on the kind of food we liked growing up, how our preferences evolved, and what we both, as avid and dedicated lovers of the craft of cooking now like to eat. And so, appeared THIS menu.

I'd like to think of every dish on the menu as good, well-executed food, that transcends with equal ease, the line between fine and casual dining. The dishes are all about the versatility of flavours, produce and combinations that are filling, but leave you light enough to enjoy the company of some exquisite house-brews. 

Another unique feature of this Culinary Collaboration is something that regular pub goers will relate to. Average pub food, fried and greasy, fights with the intensity and taste of beer, and it fills you up faster. Not the dishes on the Breakfast Projekt menu, though. They are rich in flavour, but light on the stomach, so your taste buds aren't overwhelmed, and neither does your stomach give up easy. So you enjoy your meal, and your beer, to its very last bite or sip.

Verdure Flatbread - (rucola, roasted peppers, charred mushroom & garlic oil; basil pesto)
Caramelized Banana & Toffee Tart- (malibu cream; butterscotch ice-cream) 
Sautéed Mushroom & Leek Risotto - (water chestnut, corn & parmesan shavings)
The Breakfast Projekt and The White Owl Culinary Collaboration is now in its second week, and is on till 18th March. If, like me, you want to explore some chic flavours, in a casual but classy setting, go for it. Let me know what you think. Click a picture, give me a shout out on the social media. I'd love to see you smiling, holding up a beer, and generally enjoying the food that we have so lovingly put together for you. 

For Reservations and Queries, contact The White Owl, One Indiabulls Center, Tower 2 Lobby, Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel (W), Mumbai -13. Ph: 022 2421 0231 

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  1. MMM, everything looks so tasty and beautiful! Good luck with the last few days of the collab!


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