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Mention the word “spa” to anyone, and chances are, they will either smile, reminiscing over their last spa session, or whine that they immediately need one. And nothing pleads spa more than muscles aching from all the partying during the turn of the year holiday season. Btw, a small trivia. Did you know that the word “spa” is an acronym for the Latin “salus per aquam”, which literally means “health from water”? Well, I didn’t know either. Apparently, ancient cultures – including the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans – were pretty big on spas for therapy and relaxation.

I’d say, modern day Mumbaikars are gallantly carrying forward that tradition. I don’t usually go long before dragging myself to a spa, and coming back all smiles and sunshine. And not long ago, I managed to win a Twitter contest, hosted by Myrah Spa. It entitled me to a massage session at the spa. Now, I have been to Myrah several times before, and I know for sure that if you want a complete experience there, you must team your massage therapy with either a body polish, or an envelopment. I chose to club my Massage voucher with a body polish, and a Queen’s bath.

A quick word on Myrah Spa.It’s spread over two floors, with brocade backdrops, crystal chandeliers, ornate gold mirrors, outdoor soak pools, and boasts a very skilled, trained staff. There are single rooms, and there is also an option for choosing a couple's therapy room. I was welcomed by the spa manager, who lead me to the lounge, where I was offered a pair of spa slippers, and a really delicious glass full of their detoxifying spa drink, as I waited for my treatment to start. She reminded me that I had taken the Asian Blend Massage the last time I was there, and suggested the therapies I could use. I opted again for the Asian Blend massage, a combination of the Chinese, Balinese, Japanese Shiatsu and Thai massage techniques. It simply is the best, according to me, as it incorporates stretching, skin rolling, palm and thumb techniques and some relaxing long strokes. In short, you get the best of every massage style with this one.

For the body polish, I was in the mood for “all or nothing”, so I went in for the most decadent one from the menu – Body Silken Sheen Caviar, Diamond and Amber Polish – which has all these combined with the natural extracts of pineapple and fig. (Rs 3000 for 30 minutes).

Then, to give a fitting finale to my day of superior pampering, I chose a Royal Wellness Divine Rose Bath (Rs 1800 for 30 minutes).

We were all set now, as I walked to my therapy room. After I changed into spa robes, my therapist started the treatment by soaking my feet in an earthen bowl filled with rose infused water. She then started the Body Polish, and I could feel the grime being scrubbed away from the surface of my skin, as she worked on it with short but controlled strokes, gently massaging the polish into my skin. A quick shower later, I was back for the luxurious and relaxing Asian Blend Massage therapy, where she worked the various pressure points in my body. All this, while soothing spa music played in the background. My therapist kept asking me, as usual, if the pressure was appropriate, or if the room temperature was comfortable for me. They are specifically trained to keep your comfort and relaxation a priority at any given time.

After the massage session, I was led into an outdoor, covered area, where a private soak pool, covered with rose petals awaited me. I was asked my preference of music, and I chose Relaxation music, as the therapist helped me into the pool, and then left, only to be back moments later with a glass of the delicious spa drink, and a generous plateful of seasonal fruits. The water, I realised, was rich with the gentle aroma of roses, and just the right, warm temperature. Now, it was just me, the music, and a fleeting feeling, that this is what being royalty feels like.

My session lasted a little over two hours, and ended with a lovely piece of dark chocolate and detox tea. As usual, Myrah Spa was sending me home feeling like a queen, with my skin supple, and my body relaxed and rejuvenated.

It’s a great place to experience some good old, traditional style healing and wellness. It’s by no means a budget place, but you aren’t seeking a budget experience either. It’s a place of premium indulgence, where every tiny detail is looked after meticulously. It’s a tiny spot of escape from the maddening din of the city. Frankly, there are days when there is nothing less I would settle for. Neither should you. 

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