Photo Story - Picnic when the Sun shines

The Mumbai weather has been merciful these past few days, with a soft, kind Sun, and a gentle, pleasant breeze. It’d be a heinous crime to not put this fabulous weather to good use.  Which in my case, basically means packing a picnic, and heading outdoor with the husband. You don’t need a special occasion or several days’ worth of planning to get going. I have planned for and put together a picnic at barely a couple of hours’ notice.

The food is all up to you. Keep it as basic, or as elaborate as your mood permits. For me a simple baguette, some organic cookies, jams and dips, a bottle or two of wine, my favourite sparkling water, or individual jars of sangria work just fine. I like to carry some music with me, whether it’s a cute little radio, or just my ipod, as long as it plays some of my favourite tunes, I am good.

The key to enjoying the picnic is to keep it hassle free. Just choose a scenic, peaceful spot, and set out your picnic goodies. Read to each other from a book, or just sit and watch the sunset. Whatever you do, don’t let these days of beautiful weather go wasted!

Styling: Pratishtha Khan  
Photography: Amber Wasi


  1. So envious of your beautiful weather and the picnic is adorable. I can't remember the last time I went on a proper picnic

  2. Beautiful pictures! These pictures remind me of my childhood days when I use to go to picnics like these with my family.😊

  3. Gorgeous photographs! I hope you enjoyed your picnic! Then again, how could you not with a bottle of wine and good company? ;)

  4. I absolutely love fruits <3!! Perfect picnic for me!!

  5. Love-love-loving the pictures!

  6. Gorgeous flowers! THEY ARE stunning!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls



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