Memories of Lake Bled, Slovenia

One of the most futile things to do as a writer would be to try and describe a place like Lake Bled to someone. You can exhaust your list of adjectives, and you won’t even come close. It’s beautiful, and serene, and induces this prolonged state of peace and joy in those looking at it, boating through it, or even thinking about it. A cool blue lake adjoining the Town Bled, in the Julian Alps, in north-western Slovenia, it’s about 55 kms from the country’s capital, Ljubljana.

The husband and I

Deepa and Arjun

Mushfiq, my husband, and I took a morning bus from Ljubljana to Bled, and who do we find in our bus? My college-mate Deepa, whom I had met a day before, after almost twelve years of leaving college. She was going to Bled with her husband Arjun, and he later revealed that it was her birthday that day! They were planning a day trip to Lake Bled, while we had booked ourself for two nights at the Oriana Studios in Bled.

I had been a bit apprehensive about our lodging, but had decided to trust my instincts. Oriana Studio is located in the non-touristy, residential side of Bled, with a stunning view of the Lake. 

Oriana Studio, where Mushfiq and I stayed two nights

 View from our apartment

The men admiring the view

Our massive studio apartment had a beautiful balcony, and a handy kitchenette where we made breakfast for the next two days. We had to take a taxi from the Bled bus stop to the Studio, while Deepa and Arjun decided to go for a walk around the lake. An hour later, they met us at the studio, and we all decided to go for Deepa’s birthday lunch. There was so much Deepa and I had to talk about. So many memories, so much post-college gossip. And it was stuff beyond our dreams that we were there, in Bled, both now married, and still chatting away as if nothing had changed.

Deepa's Birthday Lunch!
Post lunch, we tried to visit the Bled Island, and were turned down by a couple of boatmen, because the Sun was setting. We finally rushed to a boat that was leaving for the island, the last one that day, and managed to get four seats.

Bled Island is surrounded by the lake, and has several buildings, including a church. The church still holds weddings, and it is considered good luck for the groom to carry his bride up the steps on the day of their wedding. Well, good luck with that guys, because the 98 stone steps are no cakewalk! Mushfiq and Arjun turned down our offer to let them carry us up the stairs and we had to walk it up ourself. The view of Bled town from the Island is a beautiful one, and as the town was lighting up, following the sunset, the full moon night added to the other-worldly view. It looked, surreal, slowly embracing the night, and a soft mist descended on the periphery of the lake, lights twinkling in that hazy glow. Post the boat ride, Deepa and Arjun left, and we walked back to the Studio, which strangely seemed to have moved much further away. Maybe it was just the night, but it took us forever to get there. Not that we were complaining. Bled is so calm, and feels safe at all hours.

 A beautiful house with apple-laden trees

 It's a long and scenic walk from Oriana to the Lake

You can always choose the Tourist train instead of walking

On our way to the Bled Island

Next day, we rented a car, and went for a drive to Lake Bohinj, but that would be another post. Slovenia has so much beauty to offer the world. It’s quite surprising that it isn’t listed among the most famous destinations in Europe. I have visited a few countries in Europe myself, and Slovenia sure has been the best so far. I wouldn’t mind going back soon, and watching the sun set over Lake Bled. It’s a sight to behold. 


  1. Oh it looks so beautiful there and talk about coincidences running into an old friend like that

    1. I know! Sheer serendipity! Europe is my drug of choice.

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures...
    They look awesome!

  3. It looks picture perfect and I think I would have tried that train just for the fun of it :)

  4. Lovely pictures.. I so agree with you its futile to try and explain the beauty of these nature, color rich places..

    1. Isn't it? It's best to travel and experience them yourself.


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