Cool Things To Do In December

It might be too late to get cracking on those 2014 resolutions you made, lovers! But don’t worry. Father time kind of keeps himself on a loop, and 2015 is headed this way, all raw and pink, and sweet and so full of promise! But don’t be a rotten bug, and get all angsty on this one year yet folks, because December is the ROCKSTAR of all twelve months! You might argue that it’s actually January which is kickass. I beg to differ. January has all the first love advantage. It’s carrying the “Clean Slate” weapon. December is a cool guy, content with coming up after everyone else, waiting its time in the line, and finally... Christmas!
That alone makes this one fabulous month to be living through! And I am hyper-excited thinking of all the things that make December my best buddy this year. And for the folks who are tuned in to all the year-end joy, here is a fabulous list of things you can do in December. Do I sound like I am on a sugar rush? You might be right there. A donut too many has been had, and a thick mug of hot chocolate to go with it. It’s December! Deal with it!

Mulled Wine

Non-alcoholic mulled wine!

I tear up with joy when someone mentions mulled wine. This is the best time to infuse your favourite reds with some citrus zest and spices. Get a basic mulled wine recipe here to get you started.  If alcohol is not your thing, someone even came up with a non-alcoholic version!

Hot Chocolate

Thick, syrupy, gooey, often messy. And legal. Who wouldn’t indulge? And this is definitely the best weather to overdose on your chocolate fix for the year. Want to take things to the next level, this fabulous illustration should help.

DIY Mason Jar Cocktails

I nearly had a heart episode when I saw these DIY Cocktail Gifts. Why didn't I think of these? They are adorable, as party favors, or as a mean little way to make your friends kneel down and worship you.

House Divine

If I ever meet this lady, I will weep with joy. How beautiful is this idea of making your home smell like Christmas! I have done this with roasted coffee beans, and guys, it works. If you have guests coming over, they will start believing that you are capable of magic.

Delightful DIYs

Get onto Pinterest or Google, and an army of Winter DIYs will find its way into your inspiration boards. These cardboard tube pillowboxes are my favourite!

Gifts Of Love

This takes a large chunk of December for me. Carefully selecting gifts for all my loved ones, and then spending days gift-wrapping them, just in time for Christmas or New Year. Check out some beautifulinspirations right here

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