Missing Slovenia, and all that love!

Dig this. Temperature is cool enough for a jacket, and a nice scarf. It’s nearly sundown, and the cafe is just beginning to fill up. You can hear a street performer playing his trusted accordion. The old walkways are filled with youngsters, adults, families, elderly couples, and dogs. So many dogs! You order your coffee with cream, and the husband orders a latte. You both say nothing. You both are experiencing the “Love” in Slovenia. The city is Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. And guys, it’s beautiful.

I have heard many people claim that if you have seen one European city, you have seen them all. Such utter nonsense! To me, every city I have visited has been so unique, and charming in its own way. Ljubljana isn't a big city, nor is it a noisy one. Life starts early here, and dinner happens at a time when people in Mumbai are still thinking about their evening coffee break. Every corner of the city is well-connected by public transport, and bicycles are ubiquitous.

The city centre is where all tourists converge, but we stayed a little away from the centre, a beautiful 25 minutes walk across the river, and we loved it! The key thing is to not have touristy to-dos and “agendas” as I like to call them. Relax, soak in the city, talk to locals, ask for food advice, take a bus ride, go to some place no one is talking about, don’t check your itinerary every hour. Slovenians are an extremely helpful lot. And very hospitable. From Ljubljana to Kale Bled to Piran, we met some lovely souls who spoke lovingly about their country and their respective city. The weather was kind to us on all days. From the trees turning a flaming red across the countryside, to the intense blue of the sky and the ocean in Piran, we had the best of days in every location.

What we are now dealing with are the post vacation blues. Hopefully, winter will wink at Mumbai. For now, the temperatures remain uninspiring. There are so many travel stories and videos to share with you guys over the coming weeks. And food, yes! Such beautiful, memorable meals! For now, I am leaving you with a really small glimpse of our trip. There will be city specific stories coming up soon. Because what fun is travelling, if you don't share your experiences with your friends, right? 

* all images by Breakfastprojekt


  1. Slovenia has LOVE in it. No wonder it's beautiful, romantic and very 'nostalgia-worthy'! ;-)

    1. It sure is. And what better way to travel than with the "Love" of your life!

  2. Wow.... the best thing I like about Europe are those flowers hanging out of the balcony.

  3. Your photography is amazing. I've never really considered Slovenia as a destination getaway in Europe, but may reconsider now. Absolutely beautiful!!


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