The Susegad Life at Cavala, Goa

You want magic? Get up early in the morning, get yourself to a Goan beach, soak in the Sun’s rays, and go for a quick dip in the water while it’s still cool. Then step out, walk up to any of the shacks lining most Goa beaches. Well, the ones in North Goa. Order some grub, and just sit there, people watching. This is magic. Also known as the Susegad way of living. The word comes from the Portuguese word Sussegado (quiet), and has come to define the relaxed, no fuss, laid back way of living in the State of Goa.

And last weekend, husband, Mom In Law, and yours truly were living the Susegad life in Goa. It was a small trip, and we chose to stay at Cavala Seaside Resort, near the Baga beach, which despite the many voices of dissent, is one of the most energy filled beaches in Goa. We had read up a bit on Cavala, and the place looked promising. All we wanted was a peaceful trip and a comfortable place to stay. Husband and I had seen this place quite often while walking towards the beach during our earlier trips, and it had this old world charm, and exuded a unique warmth that was extremely inviting. Since it was “off-season” time, we got a really good deal on the place, and felt that it would be a great location for our short, family stay.

But Cavala is so much more than a clean place to dump your luggage while you explore. The check-in was prompt and hassle free, and we were taken to our suite on the ground floor. Suite 3 is located away from the road, and has a fetching stretch of green right in front of it. The fact that Cavala is one of the oldest Goan retreats only adds to the place’s magic. The massive four poster bed, a chest of drawers nestled inside a nook, with a large wooden box atop, housing tea and coffee sachets, large bathroom, spotlessly clean, through and through. The suite is built for comfort. The decor is extremely unpretentious, and makes you feel at home. The furniture is old and extremely well-maintained, and the staff courteous and pleasant. Bamboo and tropical plants line the walkways that lead to the rooms and the suites. Weekend nights, the restaurant is filled with loyal patrons seeking some of the place’s irresistible vibe, live music, and a fabulous food menu.

A word here on the food. Whatever we ordered here, during the course of our stay, was a winner. It’s not easy getting bad food in Goa. The state has, by and large, got its gastronomic priorities right. Perhaps that’s why Goans are a happy lot. But Cavala took good food to another level. Their legendary “Captain’s Chicken” is worth every word of praise it has received over the last forty years. Every single morsel washes away your blues, and reminds you why the chicken crossed the road. To get to Cavala.

A juicy and delicious Tomato, Basil and Olive salad reinstated our faith in goodness and reminded us that the gods of food love us. The Moussaka had a homemade feel to it, with the finesse of years of a recipe perfected. 

We never really got the chance to be at the pool, because the beach is a very short walk away, and we preferred to spend our evenings there, watching the sunset. The added bonus was the fact that this was Mom in Law’s first trip to Goa, and she said that Cavala beachside Resort was one of the best parts of her stay. If you want to explore this place, I’d suggest you try it during the off-season. During the peak season, I am convinced that the traffic noise isn’t the most pleasant aspect of the place. Plus, it’s difficult getting a room here during the peak time, unless you book well in advance. Also, this is, by no means, a budget place, but not exactly prohibitively expensive. However, if you are looking for a beautiful, stress free stay, with enough material comforts, I’d suggest Cavala

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  2. Goa has been the best place to explore in India! When We went to Goa the first thing we looked for was a holiday beach resort in Goa so that we can enjoy every bit of our holiday destination. Rich, mystical cultural heritage that spans back in ages... Goa opens its secrets to those who wish to leave behind the stresses and worries of everyday life.

    1. Ruth, Goa is such a dream destination. We have been there several times, and can keep going back! I love the beaches, the sunsets, the long walks... It's perfect!


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