Embracing the blues - Interiors Trend 2015

The cool blue of the skies, the deep blue of the tops of the churches in Santorini, the burning blue of a sapphire, the sparkling blue of summer seas... The soothing, versatile color is about to take over the interiors spaces. Accent walls, bedroom linen, furniture pieces, kitchen panels, and small knickknacks around the homes will wear this color in the coming year. Mints, peacocks, turquoise, teals, royal blue, navy, aqua, powder blue... you name it! 

Paired with greys, pinks, fuchsia or lemon, the blues will uplift your mood through an invigorating, rich palette. Darker shades of blue lend warmth to a space, while the paler blues create a soft, almost neutral harmony. It’s a great choice for a bedroom or study, and its natural association with water makes it a great pick for the bathroom. If you don’t want to go the full haul with this color, choose accents in shades of blue to introduce it into your living space. Get inventive. It's the season for blue!

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  1. I am busy deciding on colours for a bedroom and you have given me inspiration to use azure blue with some fuschia pink! Thank you so much :)

  2. Really nice inspiration ^^



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