Sriracha All The Way!

It is, officially, the coolest hot sauce our world has ever known. Its image adorns phone covers, t-shirts, tattoos, bags, art installations, and many memes. A fad that took roots in people’s eating habits and has become an addiction for many of us. Named the 2010 Ingredient of the year by Bon App├ętit. Voted the best tasting hot sauce by Cook’s Illustrated in 2012. Sriracha has an impressive resume. It’s become plenty mainstream now, and is no longer some closely guarded secret recipe. Many homemade Sriracha recipes can be found on the internet, and in fact, I did try a Paleo version from the Nom Nom Paleo blog, which turned out pretty well. It’s the lazy woman’s homemade Sriracha, and I got it nearly right after a couple of trials, and different combinations of peppers. Since you can only consume so much Sriracha as a dipping sauce, it was inevitable that soon enough, chefs will start experimenting with the sauce in many dishes. In fact, one has been hearing about Sriracha weeks, and the recent Sriracha Festival at Koh, at Intercontinental Mumbai, follows up on the Sriracha madness with a swanky new Sriracha inspired menu.

Since this was a by invite tasting, we could sample most of the key offerings on the menu, and were pretty impressed with some obvious and some not so obvious innovations. Among the Small Plates, the vegetarian Kanom Je Sriracha (Basil flavoured cabbage, carrots, long beans and Sriracha in steamed dumpling) and Hun Tun Thord (seasonal vegetables with thai herbs roll, sheet wrapped and fried) deserve a special mention for the perfectly balanced flavours, enhanced by the hot sauce. For meat lovers, there is Phad Pik Kai Sriracha (marinated chicken wings tossed in honey Sriracha sauce), which brings a good name to poultry. Succulent, mildly spicy, with honey bringing in the sweetness, it’s going to be a popular one on this menu. The Hat Yai Yang Koong (marinated prawns flavoured with lemon grass) stands out for the subtle but definitive burst of the lemongrass flavour in your mouth. It’s freshness provides the perfect foil to the hot edge of the sauce. We also sampled the Kunchieng Poo Thord Sriracha (crab meat, spring onion, lemon zest and Sriracha chilli). The jury is still out on this one. While it was pleasant enough, it didn’t really stand out on its own.

In the mains, we had the Kai Phad Prik Sot Sriracha (chicken morsels with lemon grass, shallot and Sriracha), Pia Rad Prik (crispy fillet of fish, served with spicy, tangy basil sauce and onion) and Phad Moo sap Yang Sriracha (Pork ribs, sesame and chilli dust). My personal favourite here will be the fish, with just the right crust that gave way to a juicy core that spoke for the freshness of the fish, heightened by the sauce.

We ended our meal with Kluy Bued Chee (ripe banana simmered in sweetend coconut milk), Ka-nom Mor Gaeng (sweet custard with seasonal and dried fruit) and Takoh (jasmine scented coconut pudding set in cups of fragrant pandan leaf). The Takoh may not be everyone’s cup of pandan, but for those who appreciate the mild, earthy fragrance, this will be a delightful end to the meal. The dense mor Gaeng custard, sweetened with just the right amount of palm sugar, will remind you of the traditional Thai sweets made the old fashioned way.

Overall, the Sriracha Festival will serve to rekindle the flames of the romance this city’s food lovers had with the globally popular hot sauce. It’s on till 7th of September. Post which, you can try making some at home. It is, after all, an engaging and delicious addiction. 

Disclaimer: This review was done on an invitation from the restaurant. However, it is based on the unbiased and objective opinion of the author.


  1. WOW! Thanks for the review…It sounds like a great place..I will try to go before 7th. Honestly I have never tried this kinda food beforee


    1. Oh, then now is the time, Megha! I hope you will enjoy the food too!


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