Sleep in, my darling!

Breakfast in bed is very close to a sparkling solitaire in a woman's list of scream-inducing joys. I for one, would definitely call the guy who makes you one, a keeper. The problem is, that most men think that it's easier conquering the Everest than putting together a respectable morning meal for that special woman in his life. Here are a few pointers for the males of the species to get it right without breaking into a sweat. 

First off, and this is for the beginners, get out of the bed... quietly. None of that loud morning alarm business. The element of surprise sort of takes a severe beating right there. Now, let's go back to the day before. This is where you plan it. Now, "plan" is a four letter word, and a good one too. So don't be intimidated. Keep it really simple. 

If you can make a toast without setting the building on fire, it's a good start. Some butter, jams and preserves to go with it would be good. Add an unsweetened juice, her favourite coffee or tea, or a plain glass of lemon water. If you can cook without killing yourself or your countrymen, a pancake or eggs would be very well appreciated. In any case, keep the menu simple, and quick. If you just cannot cook, grab a good croissant from her favourite bakery. Even simple cereal will do, as long as it's the one she loves. Now make a list of all that you will need. Go shopping. Check this list often to see that you don't miss anything.

If you are ready to take this Breakfast in bed thing to the next level, get some flowers. The kinds that will remain fresh till the next day. Keep them in a vase, filled with some water. Write her a Love Note. Get her favourite romantic song ready to be played, as you gently wake her up. Make sure you keep all this a secret. Remember that element of surprise!

On the designated morning, slip out of the bed. Now get going. Get a tray large enough for the breakfast platter. Arrange a couple of plates, knives, forks, and some cute napkins. Just don't clutter the tray, else you might drop something, or it might get too heavy. Serve the breakfast. Play the music. Make sure you don't spill any of the liquids on the way to the bedroom. A good idea is to fill them just 3/4 of the way. Add some flowers, and the Love Note. Now draw the bedroom curtains and gently wake her up, preferably with a kiss on the forehead. Let her discover the breakfast, served with love, in bed. Get ready for squeals of delight. You've earned yourself some solid brownie points. 
You are welcome. 

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