Sing Along At Long & Short Karaoke Sundays

There is something about Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers In The Night” that sets hearts aflutter even decades after the song became an instant rage and became the choice ditty for lovers across the globe. And it was among my parents’ favourite love songs too! On this sunny Sunday morning, I relive some of the glorious magic, as an elderly gentleman with a voice like butter on a warm brown toast belts out the number at the Long &Short Gastrobar at the Intercontinental, Mumbai.

Sunday afternoons are karaoke time at Long & Short, but that’s just a part of the place’s charm. Even though the day was too sunny for us to lounge around at the al fresco section overlooking the breathtaking Queen’s Necklace, the bar’s interiors provided much anchor for entertainment and visual delight. I have stated in a previous post that it does have rather fetching interiors, and provides a very relaxing, casual setup where you can let go your stiff collars, and sing along to your favourite songs, in between trips to your table for some of their signature dishes.

Sheesh, the Bar’s Karaoke artist knows the mood of his audience only too well, and keeps the music flowing with popular requests taking centre stage. But be warned; he is known to get even the shiest patrons off their seats, and somehow managed to make us feel like regular rockstars despite the obvious lack of singing prowess. What made this particular afternoon even more entertaining was the presence of some of the key forces in the Intercontinental management, who had come together to welcome the new Intercontinental GM, Manas Krishnamoorthy. It’s a happy change to see a bunch that takes business seriously and fun even more so. The Intercontinental gang showed why they rock the field by managing to let their hair down, while engaging the guests and only taking everyone’s Sunday afternoon experience to the next level.

But listen, we were at a Gastrobar, and there is, obviously a culinary element involved here. Among the many platters that made their way to our table, I particularly enjoyed the Chiang Mai Burger, Masala Potato Club and their Baked Flat Breads. The Roquet and Feta salad with caramelized walnuts is a fabulous option as well. I downed my food with their lovely watermelon Mojito, as several other handcrafted cocktails had everyone enthralled.

I’d like to emphasise the fact that Long & Short isn’t necessarily a food place. It’s an experience place. It’s not a space to have a somber, sit down meal. More like a let-your-guards-down, shake a leg, sing a song, laugh out loud, make memories kind of place. It’s a relive-your-romance and rediscover-your-fun-side kind of place. The couple of times I have been there have been filled with fun and laughter, and of course memories. For now, long after the Sunday afternoon spent well, I can still hear ‘Strangers In The Night”, and in my mind’s eyes, I can almost watch my mom and dad, dancing away to what I think is the best love song of all times.

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