Portugal - Will Travel For Food!

I have always believed that food is an integral part of the discovery of a country’s culture and tradition. Often, it’s a reflection of a nation’s history, its conquests and conquerors, its religion and its beliefs, and of course, its traditions and its contemporary life. Among my travel and food discovery wishlists is Portugal, or the Portuguese Republic. 

The south-western European country is a rich sea of eclectic cultural influences, and a colourful hotpot of some rather impressive culinary ones. From the national dish, “Bacalhau” to the many specialities made with lobsters, shrimp, oysters and many other seafoods, the country offers many intense flavours to a food lover. Another national dish, but a meat based one is “cozido a portuguesa”, a thick vegetable stew with different kinds of meat. Tripe with haricot beans is typical of Porto, while in the coastal towns, grilled sardines and horse mackerel reign supreme in the gastronomic preferences of the people.

Lunch here is a big affair, lasting upto two hours. Just the kind of meal I like! And for the sweet toothed ones, Portugal soil offers a variety of tantalising desserts like a typical cinnamon-flavoured rice pudding, flan, caramel custard, and the country’s amazing partries with interesting names like “barriga de freira” (nun’s belly), “papos de anjo” and (angel’s chests).

Apart from the food, Portugal has a rich, unique culture, and lively cities, and breathtaking countryside. Historically significant monuments and remarkable views can be found across some of its major cities like Lisbon, Sintra and Porto. It also has a vibrant nightlife that many tourists seek.

All in all, a traveller’s dream destination. Food, views, music, culture... and fabulous mix that’s been calling out to me. Portugal, I will see you soon, some day. 

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