mmmBurger Festival at Smoke House Deli

There is, hidden deep inside every foodie and diet food lover alike, a quintessential glutton, craving a hearty, honest to goodness burger. Not the Fast Food Retail Chain kind of burger, but the perfectly seared patty, fresh, spongy bun, and superlative fries on the side kind of burger. This kind is hard to come by. So obviously, we jumped at the opportunity to sample the offerings at the Smoke House Deli’s mmmBurger Festival. From the very first glance at the menu, one can make out that a lot has been put into crafting the perfect spin on your everyday burgers. 

Who, in their right minds, would not drool at the prospect of biting into burgers with names like the Baconator (grilled tenderloin patty, oak smoked bacon, baconaise bits), Benedictor (grilled tenderloin patty, turkey pastrami, peppered egg, hollandaise), Beer and Cheese Burger (grilled tenderloin patty, rarebit, rucola, fried onions), Lucy’s Juicy (grilled lamb patty, pickled cucumber, grilled tomatoes, jalapenoes), Stout Fish n Chips Burger (caper tartare, peas puree, malt mayonnaise), Smoked Chicken n Tequila Burger (grilled patty, green chillies, tomato jelly, beet relish) and for the vegetarians, Spicy Soya Chunks and Spinach Burger (three peppercorn cheese melt).

We started with the Benedictor, and wolfed our way through Lucy’s Juicy, Fish and Chips Burger, Beer and Cheese Burger, South West Style Lamb Burger, and Spicy Soya Chunks and Spinach Burger. It was a happy table of food lovers who like their burgers buxom, juicy and perfectly seared. It was a darn fine set of Burgers brought to our table that night!
Beer and Cheese Burger


Lucy's Juicy

South West Style Burger
So, here is the verdict breakdown.

In each meat burger, we found the Burger meat tremendously juicy, rich in texture, with uniformly round patties cooked to a perfect Mid-rare, as per our request. The exterior of the burger patty was hit with just the right balance of seasoning to bring out the best in every meat. In my gluttonous opinion, the quality of preparation and skill in the kitchen is very strong. The different buns got mixed reactions at our table. But on an average, the buns were tender, nicely toasted, moist, and fresh. The meat to bun ratio, a huge consideration in the overall quality of a burger experience was very well balanced.

Smoke House Deli is considerately generous with the fries. The burgers came with a copious amount of fries, well crisped, and seasoned perfectly.

The onion rings with the burgers were a revelation. The batter was superlative, giving the rings that perfect crunch, before you could bite into the superlative, sweet onion part.

The vegetables accompanying the burgers were fresh, and of fabulous quality, never overpowering the taste of the meat.

The only disappointment was the vegetable burger, where the patty wasn’t a substantial foil to its meaty counterparts. The flavours hadn’t seeped into the patty, and so the bun took over. This is something the chef needs to work on, definitely.

The Burgers range from Rs 310 to Rs 450. Taking into account the size, the quality ingredients, perfectly matched accompaniments, and the fries that accompanied each burger, I’d call this a fine value.

Our burger cravings are far from over. If at all, they have now come alive with a renewed vigour, thanks to the mmmBurger Festival. If you are in the city, it will be a crime to not treat your senses to the visual splendour of Smoke House Deli, which only adds to the gourmet treats the festival menu offers. 

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