Mad Hatter settles on a Dream Job, but it's taken by Peeta Planet!

So, two epic events happened in the city this week, related to beauty and travel respectively. Two things close to my heart. First was the launch of Lancome’s Dream Tone, and second, the arrival of the super cool Peeta Planet in Mumbai!

We will get to Lancome in a later post, because I am breathless with excitement after meeting the Peeta Planet brothers, Mohamed and Peyman Parham in person. The two are in the city to kick off the second season of their social travel show, whizzing yet again around the world, discovering cities through local recommendations gathered through their social media networks. The two brothers, apart from producing and hosting their unique travel show, also head what can be cheekily called a gourmet shawrama empire!

I want their job. Period. These two young men travel the world, eat the best food, hang out with the most fabulous people, and unravel local secrets, while generally disarming everyone they meet with their easy charm. Peyman is the more affable and chatty one, while Mohamed is the rock solid guy who knows where he is going. They both are a complete package, and it’s just so much fun watching their show, which, btw, is available online as well as on Dubai TV. To know what the two brothers are up to, follow them on twitter @PeetaPlanet

And once you grasp who they are and what they are doing, envy me. Because like I said before, I met them at the Intercontinental, where they mingled with a very small handful of folks from the city, at the Long And Short Gastrobar. We met and got talking with their crew on a breezy and fun evening, and even though I was very nearly dead from three sleepless nights in a row, I couldn't help having a blast! They are in Mumbai for a while, and I hope that they find many treasures in the city. After all, the secrets Mumbai holds are as intriguing as its fabulous cuisine! 

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