In Which The Mad Hatter Is Overjoyed That "PizzaExpress" is Now At Andheri

I am a Pizza Camper. A lot of extra inches around my waist have been painstakingly accumulated with the help of these happy melanges of dough, cheese and sundry toppings. And while I love a good, fresh homemade pizza, it’s not always a real possibility with my mad schedule. And so, joyous places that sell pizza, mostly, are my favourite haunts. It used to irk me that the PizzaExpress outlet was in South Mumbai, that is about a light year away from where I stay, in the back of beyond, in Kalina. So it sort of made my day when PizzaExpress opened up in Andheri. Now we are talking!

A few days back, they called out to food lovers, and I went, hoping for an evening filled with their best pizzas and some other, snazzy offerings from the menu. I wasn't disappointed. I am usually wary of huge blogger gatherings, because they don’t always end up well. The kitchen gets taxed with so many people around, and service tends to suffer. Not here. It was a small gathering of some of my favourite food lovers from the city, and even though the place had just started off, there were no service glitches in sight. An interactive session at your favourite eating place is bound to be a memorable experience. I love to know what goes on in the making of my favourite pizzas, and while the charming PizzaExpress crew never let go of their choicest secrets, they are a pleasant lot and keep you engaged and well fed through your visits.

We started off with Dough Ball Doppio, served with a trio of dips – pesto rosso, pesto and garlic butter. These are a PizzaExpress signature favourite across countries, and we could have happily stuffed ourselves with the yeasty, warm dough balls, had the promise of Lasagna Verde and Da Morire not kept us sane. But before these could make an appearance, stuffed, roasted bell peppers had us hooked, and were devoured in a matter of seconds. 

Da Morire, with gorgonzola cheese, leeks, artichokes and mozzarella is among my favourites as the PizzaExpress. Several other pizzas made their way to the table, and were loved by everyone, vegetarians and non vegetarians alike. I love that the pizza doesn’t go floppy towards the end, even though their toppings are well seasoned. The crust is nice and firm, and is crisp right till the end. 

But apart from the pizzas, they have some really good pastas and salads and a small but good selection of starters. I wasn’t too thrilled about the Pollo Bolognese, but the Lasagna more than made up for it. With char-grilled vegetables, chopped capers, roasted peppers, mozzarella, and emilgrana, it was a hit with everyone at the table. 

Over the food and our glasses of sparkling wine, I had Anuja Deora of Miss Eating Out, and Amrita of Life Ki Recipe for company. The three of us are known to be a Giggle Factory, and soon, we were at it, laughing and sharing food world news throughout the prolonged tasting session.

Dessert was Gelato Amaretti, and a couple of first timers ordered their fabulous cheesecakes. All this, while the Chef regaled us with stories from PizzaExpress outlets across the world. We left with happy vibes and a box of lovely cupcakes. 

I am more than happy that the pizza lovers in this part of town now don’t have to drive all the way to Colaba to get their PizzaExpress fix. It’s right here, to stay and feed us, at Crystal Paradise, off Veera Desai Road. Go for it!

*** All Images By Tanvi Joshi. Follow her on Twitter @KhanabadoshTJ

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