365 Days Of Happiness - Launching the HappinessProjekt

This year, I resolve to be happy. That should be an easy one to pursue, though not too easy as well. You know, happiness isn't as simple as we'd like it to be. Which is why so many people across the world are so gloomy, right?

So, this year, I am launching a new project - HappinessProjekt.
365 days of happiness. 
Sounds good?

So I am making a list of a few things that I plan to start with. Add your own to make your own list. 
1. This year, I will savour every little moment.
2. I will remember that happiness does not come unhindered. That it has to be kept in focus. The more happiness you create, the more happiness comes your way.

3. I will listen, I will smile, and I will love without the fear of loss.
4. This year, when I will go out in the rain, I will leave the umbrellas behind.

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  1. what a good idea! making a list of happy things for 2014!!! Happy New Year to you!



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