In Which The Mad Hatter Reveals The "Long & Short" Of It - Restaurant Review

“You are a hopeless romantic. There is really no cure to your addiction to love.”

Thus was my affiliation with Mumbai’s most romantic places diagnosed, by my husband. I suspect he might be on to something. And I pondered his observation as I munched upon a rather fetching trio of melons served with the Sunday brunch at Mumbai’s one of a kind Gastrobar – Long and Short – at the Intercontinental Hotel.

With a fun and lively ambience and a mix of live music and DJ mixes, the place exudes warmth and joy, so pertinent, in my opinion, to dining well. What truly earns “Long and Short” extra brownie points, in terms of location though, is the small terrace lounge overlooking the Mumbai Promenade. My first tryst with the Gastrobar however, hasn’t been a romantic interlude, but a rather lengthy Sunday brunch with some dear friends.

The restaurant breaks away from the minimalistic decor norms of a five star hotel, and is, instead, styled as a comfortable, yet hip living room. Pictures of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities adorn the walls. The essence of Mumbai comes through in the dabbas (tiered lunchboxes) and milk cans stacked up through the shelves in the walls. A delightful assembly of colourful knick-knacks like painted kettles and bobble heads give this place a certain energy that’s vibrant and comforting at the same time. The gastrobar is lit discretely at night with natural light flooding in during the day. Inviting, plush seating is ideal for lounging inside, or at the outdoor seating on the balcony. In short, Long & Short is a charming spot away from the clamour of the suburbs. Relaxed, laid-back, and soothing, it is a lovely way to end a weekday with a drink or a selection of off-beat bites.

In terms of food too, Long & Short does not pretend to offer haute cuisine, but sticks to casual, crowd pleasing bites like gluten free dimsums, Empanadas, and the “redefined” Mumbai Sandwich; as well as more robust mains of curries, biryanis, pizzas and pastas. We treated ourselves to a generous spread of pastas, sushi, flatbreads, burgers, fondues, dimsums, curries, biryanis, and a fabulous selection of cheeses. I ordered a Watermelon and Mint Mojito, which was served in a jar. A friend ordered a Blood Orange Mar-Tea-Ni, and quite liked it. Apart from the signature cocktails and the classic spirits, the gastrobar offers a tempting beer selection that includes Asahi, Amstel, Viru, Sol, Kronenbourg, and Sagres. 

We ordered the BBQ Chicken and Spicy House special flatbread pizzas, and these were definitely among the winners for me. The Spicy House Special, with onions, roasted peppers, mushrooms, corn, olives, jalapenos and cracked peppers was so incredibly flavorful I kept going for seconds. The base of the flatbread pizza itself is really thin and crispy and extremely yielding when you bite into it. 

The Mutton Biryani with mutton kheema is a unique twist, but needs a stronger infusing of the real biryani flavours. However, the Green Apple Crumble Deconstruct, a green apple spirals placed strategically among tiny apple balls brewed in cinnamon, ice-cream and candied walnuts goes down all too easily, despite our claims to the Chef that we possibly couldn’t eat any more.

Priced competitively in its category, Long & Short is a great place if you're looking for a relaxed evening of tipples and casual dining. The laid back ambience is perfect for a special evening as well. And with its beautiful location, one can rest assured that the incurable romantics like yours truly will be lining up at its door, for food, and for love. 

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