In which the Mad Hatter drinks a tall glass of coffee and decides to redecorate

One tends to get bored, you know. One isn't quite like the Sun, doing the same thing for millions of years, and still being a star while at it. So one needs to … well… redecorate. Sometime a cup of coffee can leave you with a strong urge to replace everything in your space. Which is why I always recommend tea. But coffee it was, and now it’s done. The redecoration, that is. Not the elaborate types that involves hammers and nails and glue and paint and all that unnecessary fuss. The more sedate kinds that usually leaves you very very satisfied and very very puzzled by the strength of your whims.

This is what I did to my home in the last one day. It was tiring, back breaking, occasionally frustrating, but overall, it has been rewarding. The reward, of course, is a cup of tea, no more coffee for some time. And some lovely cupcakes. Speaking of cupcakes, I am going to try some cupcake idlis this weekend. I saw the recipe in a magazine and just loved the idea. Will post pictures soon. What’s up with you, my shining stars? Had any coffee lately? What did you end up doing with all that caffeine in your system? 

In case you liked what you saw, here are some more house pictures compiled into a video.

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