In which the mad-hatter survives a day alone at home

I have never been fond of being sick. There is a contextual dissonance between the joy of living and being unwell. Never mind what that means, it just sounds so twisted and well, quite ... twisted. Anyhoo. I was alone home and I not at all feeling up to a quick run across the garden or a dash across the market for a quick cup of tea of a forbidden cookie. So it was home, me, and a blinking laptop that seems annoyed at having been called out of its daytime beauty sleep, and being put to work. I am told that being sick is universally disliked, though I then fail to understand the common and general lack of healthy and wholesome beings all around me. People seem so cranky. I guess it must be because they don’t get invited to very many tea parties. Too bad folks. You must begin to get more social. Speaking of being social and getting invited, I was invited to a party, though I suspect it was meant to be a book promotions event of sorts. But it very well turned out to be a party. A cake was baked, and one got to keep it. I will call that a very healthy trend indeed. To let one keep the cake one bakes. It makes people happy and that leads to less unhealthiness all around. That, and tea, of course.

The funny lady, Chef Ritu Dalmia, with Rushina, from APB CookStudio
So there is this lady, Chef Ritu Dalmia. She is quite mad. Bonkers, raving mad. In a good way. And she has written a book, and it isn’t her first either. She cooks a mean pot and no one yet has died of her cooking. And she laughs a lot, at others and at herself. Very wholesome, I tell you. On the cover of the book, she stands laughing at the general insanity in the world, while sipping on a coconut, and wearing some funny colored sandals that she borrowed from someone. Could have been Cinderella, or maybe not. I don’t quite remember who. So the sandals are not her, but the book is filled with pretty pictures and recipes. And they are all hers.

So like one said, we baked cake, and got to keep it too. She also made some nice pasta that I came back and made at home, and it came out very well, thank you. It’s called Saint’s Day Pasta, and the recipe is given in her book.  There were other people at the party, like there always are, though I have been to many parties where I was the only one, guests and host included.

Saint's Day Pasta was hit, and I made it again at home.
But we were talking about surviving being home alone, sick and as the general agreement prevails, that is a very unpleasant situation, indeed. But here is a bit of a survival guide. Do feel free to add your own madness to this chaos. Whatever keeps you appropriately insane through your illness must work. Because nothing brings about unwelcome bouts of introspection and attempts at renewed sanity like a day full of sniffles, or coughs or fever or suchlikes.

Step 1.
Find a cosy spot within your house. Make it as comfortable as possible. In fact make it so comfortable that the very thought of abandoning post kills you just a little bit.

Step 2.
Get a book. I got the Ritu Dalmia’s book to give me company this afternoon. I like it. It has pretty food pictures and some recipes I suspect i am going to serve at a party really very soon.

Step 3.
This is important. Get yourself some tea.

Step  4.
Get proper nourishment. I got some wedges, stir fried vegetables and nice and hot chicken dish for lunch. Being well fed is crucial to recovery.

Step 5.
Play some music.

Step 6.
Daydream. Imagine you are a rich, spoilt brat, with lots of fake fur and fancy hair accessories, and Leonardo is crazy about you. 

Step 7.
If you must do something else, it had better be a trip to the supplies to get yourself a cookie to go with the book and the tea.
Step 8.
Go back to daydreaming. 

I like to include some variants to the routine to keep things spiced up. These usually include a quick phone call to an overworked friend to tell them how much I am enjoying sitting at home while they are toiling away behind their desks doing something nobody is going to remember them for. I also make some paper flowers once in a while, but mostly, it’s too much work for a sick day off. Today, I also went through some old family photographs to try and select a few for a photo wall we are planning to put up in the house. Do try your own variants, and see what makes you feel better.
Old photographs that will soon appear on a family photo wall. 

For now, I am going to go back to doing nothing. In my next post, I might share an actual recipe. Or, then again, I might not. Either ways, stay stylishly insane. Nothing else is worth the effort.


Hope you are thoroughly enjoying your tryst with the Wonderland madness! Share your whims here. We are open to brickbats and love...