Ice, Ice Baby! Ice Bowl DIY

So when I think of entertaining, I start obsessing. I obsess over the menu, worry about the guests turning up on time, fret over the cutlery, and wonder if they will like what I feed them. I also obsess over new ways of making the entire food serving deal exciting for them. And one of the ways to get your guests all worked up over dessert or salad, I have discovered, is to serve it in a simple enough ice bowl.
 It’s no big deal, really, but looks very fancy and gets out buckets loads of “Oooh” followed by an ample splattering of “Aaaah”. They look really pretty and send you up by several rungs on that coveted “Hostess’s hall of fame”. So I made this one for that permanent house-guest who wouldn’t know where to take a fresh towel out from, but knows good food and good presentation when he sees it. Also goes by the name Husband. And he gawked. Which is a good thing. Maybe.

 So here is how to make your lovely piece of art.
 Take 2 glass or stainless steel bowls; one should fit inside the other with about 1/2 inch to 1 inch between them. Place small bowl inside; tape so rims stay in place. Now, strategically place some edible flowers, citrus slices, herbs, or fruit slices between them. Pour water between the two bowls to 1/2 inch from top. Add more pretty stuff and arrange with a skewer. Freeze overnight. To remove the bowls, let stand at room temperature, on a dish towel. Remove tape. The bowls separate easily. Lift top bowl and invert bottom bowl to remove ice bowl. Freeze until needed. I also turn the bowl upside down and sprinkle salt generously on it, so it stays frozen longer when served. Place a dish towel underneath to catch drips. Experiment with adornments and serve fruits, sorbets or any frozen desserts. If you need the fruit served to stay dry, you can also place a glass bowl to fit inside the glass bowl.

 Simple enough. Now go, make an ice bowl. It’s better than spending all your time at the computer. 


  1. That has to be the coolest (pun not intended) thing I've ever seen.

    I need to figure out a reason to make one of these.

    1. Oh, you must! They are so beautiful when they come out of the fridge. I made one for serving breakfast! So you see, there really is no dearth of reasons...

  2. This looks very interesting Prats.. Must try this soon!! :)
    Thanks for sharing..

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