All for a cup of tea, my dear!

To an Indian mind, rain and tea time go hand in hand. Monsoons arrive and we start craving for a piping hot cup of cutting chai, with a plateful of deep friend snacks that will clog our arteries while the rainwater clogs the drains. Perfect rain partners.

So, monsoon has arrived in Mumbai, and it hasn’t stopped raining since yesterday. The city looks washed and beautiful, and within a week’s time, people will start getting tired of water, water everywhere. But for now, a cup of tea reigns the season of rain. I sit at my desk, sipping a cup of disgusting cardamom tea from the office tea machine, and dream of a real cup of tea. And day dreaming conjures some exciting and sensual images of tea that one could almost make love to.

How do you like your cup of tea? With milk, with lemon, with a dash of honey? What makes it special for you? When do you like your tea the most? Are you addicted, or is it an occasional flirting. Do share your tea time stories. 

And while I dream away, I am leaving you with some sweet, beautiful images, collected via Google image search. Hope you are enjoying the monsoons, or whatever season your part of the world is showering on you right now. 


  1. that kullad of chai looks so yummy!!

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