A Summer of Sugar Highs and Missing Sundays

The weekend just sped past me. It did not even make a sound. Just went past and here I am, on a Monday, wondering if that was my Sunday that I saw turning around the corner but never had the pleasure of seeing. So… It’s at times like these that you realize that you need a magical looking glass to make some sense of the eternal madness that has engulfed you. Those, or a bagful of sinful, completely wrong goodies that will send you on a sugar high so intense that you will see the blue of the oceans, the green of the forests, the brown of the desert… all in one mouthful of a dessert that will send you falling deep down, straight into diet hell.

So, I was saying… Dessert. And it so happens that you have to be careful what you wish for because often times you end up getting it. And I did. “Icing On Top”, run by founder Ayushi Shah, a talented pastry chef who specializes in eggless desserts, sent me a goodie bag filled to the brim with some of their most popular creations. A brown bag filled with goodies arriving at your doorsteps is a mood enhancer any day. And the sweet but simple packaging of the products sort of heightened the promise for me. Though a bit clich├ęd, it was feminine and young, and a few young girls in my office found it to be the coolest thing this side of the planet. But then again, a goodies bag full of sweeties tends to make you think that all is well with the world.

First up were three packets of cookie bites, just the size I like them. Tiny enough to be an addictive finger food, these can be the stars of a tea party. The Cinnamon ones were my favourite; crumbly, yet with a full bodied flavour that managed to linger without being overpowering. The younger lot among my friends liked the tangy zest of the lemon cookies, especially the mildly tart icing that kicked in the citrus flavour. The chocolate chip cookies were the good, old fashioned ones, with a rich crunchy, buttery texture. In all, they will get you some golden stars for being a good hostess, provided the cookies last long enough to reach your guests.

Up next was an Oats and chocolate bar which was good but not great, and I kind of liked it while I ate it, but could not remember its name when the night got over. So yeah, Miss Congeniality of the sweet lot, nice, but not striking. Sort of like that dude in college who doesn't quite fit into Date-worthy category, but will always be there when you need him. I would consider it, though, over the regular cookies to go with my tea time. 

The cake pops, Oreo and Red Velvet, were well… How cake pops are. I guess I would have done happy somersaults if I had been a couple of decades younger, but I am not, and I didn't.  They were dense, with the flavour packed tight, and would be a great gift or a party favour. They were packed plenty pretty and a bunch of these could make a friend or loved one really, truly your fan.

The jury is still kind of out on the dessert shot-glasses: Hazelnut, with a dollop of creamy Nutella, Blueberry, and Chocolate Mousse. I love the concept of dessert shots, so am a bit partial towards them. The biscuit crumbs at the bottom sort of gave them an identity crisis, but flavour wise, I’d give them a go. I liked Blueberry’s unpretentious grainy flavour, and the Chocolate Mousse’s silky, moist texture.

The Mud Pie, however, was unanimously selected as something everyone would take home to meet their mother. It was dark, delectable, dipped in delicious chocolate and was eaten fast and without guilt. Sorry, I don't have a picture of it here, but take my word for it, it was awesome. 

I will be honest and state here that I did not even get to see the slice of Red velvet cake, which vanished when I was distracted for a short while. But I heard great reviews, about how the flavour was just right, not too sweet, appropriately moist without being runny gooey. So I am guessing it was good.

“Icing On Top” has a lot going for them, and being a young brand, have tremendous scope for tightening the loose ends. It’s a crazy, cruel world out there, when it comes to desserts. The city now has more options than ever before, and one small phase of glitches can wipe out a confectionery brand faster than you can say “Stevia”. Ayushi seems to know her target buyers well, and egg-less desserts will always have many takers among certain sections of Mumbai. Her primary plus is a balanced flavour and an ability to know the tipping line when it comes to overdoing things. I, for sure, intend to go back for more and see how well they sustain their quality.

Maybe I will do it next weekend. If I can catch hold of that elusive Sunday, that is.  


  1. I am guessing those baby cookies will go great with a cup of piping hot tea, for delightful evenings!!!

    1. Oh Dew, won't they! They were fabulous...


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