The inevitable is happening...

Change is inevitable. But change to what? And why change? It’s such a chaotic time. A part of you wants to let go, another part of you wants to hang on. But change must happen, whether you let go, or resist. So I guess that it’s a better idea to set some goals, and push yourself towards them. I have always blogged for joy, and want to continue to do so. But my passion, if I want to share it with others, must give them joy too. It’s fair.
So, Breakfastprojekt in changing, and it’s changing for better. There will be a lot of fun and interaction involved. It will no longer be about me saying, and you listening. Let’s take this association to another level. That’s a change I am seeking and hoping for.

So please wait for a while. For a very short while, I promise. There are good things coming up. 

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