I will have a Pint of Happiness, please!

I love this quote by Agnes Repplier. It is so true. We often seek Happiness in others, in things, in places. Happiness is nowhere if not within you. And I believe that the part of you that can create that happiness can reach out to others and help them find their own spot of joy. And through the Happiness Projekt, I want to reach out to that part within me. I cannot do justice to the joy cooking brings me. It's like a form of meditation, wherein I focus all my energies into creating something that will give me happiness. There are many more ways to create happiness in my own life, and I want to explore all those avenues. 

I am sure that all of you have something that can help you "Create Happiness", and I want to help you reach within and discover your sliver of sunshine... Through the Happiness Projekt, we help each other achieve a bit more of our own self, our potential. We create a little community that helps others unlock their real potential, and in doing so, reach closer to our best self. 

And we do it in the best way we can - over food and laughter and love. We bring together strangers, and watch new friendships bloom. We "create" - crafts, music, songs, stories, poetry, food... anything we can, and then share it with our small community. I will share my space with you, as a small make-shift workshop, so you can drop in and start creating Happiness. Come to my space and paint, strum your guitar, write a poem, crack a story idea, and just get going. As long as it makes you happy. 

I am trying to get together artists, chefs, designers, travellers, story tellers, yoga enthusiasts, in a "non-networking" environment where people come together because they love to, and not because there is something to be achieved. And food plays a central role in each gathering. We cook together... we do food fights... we heal... together, as  group, as a small community that will hopefully spread out and grow. 

So there is an outline of the Happiness Projekt. Do bring in your own ideas and thoughts on this, while I work behind the scenes to get this going.

Love and hugs,

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  1. Amazing! Is there a way for non-mumbaikars to join?


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