Fashion meets passion. The inevitable has happened.

Yes. We have changed. Or rather, we have gone insane. The only state of mind that suits us. Mixing food and fashion is like mixing your drinks and then driving. But heck. Recklessness has been the core of true story telling. So it's going to happen, right here, on Breakfast Projekt. So bring in your beverages and snacks, shut out those distractions, put a page-markers in that book, and start reading. Because now, I am going to be talking about a hot hunk with the style sense of an Adonis and the spirit of a true wanderer. He doesn't design for the happening and swish set. He creates for the thinkers, the trend setters who don't even know that they are setting trends. He moves with thoughts, thinks with his heart, and has an opinion, which reflects in his collections. And his name is VJ Balhara. 

Yeah, yeah. It's pretty obvious that i like this dude. When I decided to get married, I knew he'd be the one to dress me up as a bride, and he did. So obviously, his designs resonate with what I perceive style to be. As I type this post, Vj is back in Mumbai after almost two years, and in all probability, is toiling away, giving last touches to the collection that rolls out at the Lakme Fashion Week Summer Resort 2013. And it's called, "In Conversation With Stones". So why is Vj having a heart to heart with stones? It's inspired by the beautiful architecture nestled away in the old parts of Delhi and Mumbai. It draws its beauty from the silent stones that stand firm against the persistent amnesia of progressive fantasy.

In these cold stones, Vj has found the theme for his next collection. With a rich and warm color palette ruled by shades of Olive , Jade Green, Bright Coral Pink and Purple in fabrics mainly Dupione Silk, linen, Chanderi, Crepe, Net, and tulle. Antique embroidery technique of Zardozi and Dabka along with Nakshi & cut daana work will embellish the Anarkalis, Shift Dresses, Full Length Column Dresses, Jackets and Coats. The collection pays a homage to these mute relics of a culture that had a soul and spoke to the search of beauty that drives an artist to his muse. 

Sounds very very intriguing. My usually erratic interest levels are pretty focused on this young designer's next outing. And though my own wedding is far behind me, I will be right there at Vj's show, sitting among the cheering audience, thinking of the very special day made extra special by his talent and design.

For now, I leave you with the pictures of some of his past collections. We all need our weekend day dreams, right?

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