Hi, I am Happy!

I have been thinking about extending the Breakfast Projekt to things beyond food. While I do believe that the right foods can heal you, help you bond with your loved ones and generally aid happiness, I want to explore other elements involved in the pursuit of Joy.

It has taken a lot of brain storming, and the prospect of stepping way beyond my comfort zones, but I am happy with what I have managed to come up with. Don't get too excited, it's nothing groundbreaking. Just regular stuff that we all seem to have forgotten about. Just a simple, people and friends aided Pursuit of Happiness. And Happiness is best when shared by many, isn't it? So I plan to make a Big party of this Projekt. There will be meet-ups, cookouts, fun-feasts, story telling sessions, workshops, garage-sales, book-readings... So much is on cards that I am, at once, intimidated and excited. And I need your support in every way you can give it. Be there, share a joke, share a story... Be a shoulder to cry on... Be an angel to a complete stranger. I am asking for your kindness... I am asking for a lot... But something tells me, that in the Pursuit of Happiness, I won't walk alone.

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