The Next Chapter

These past weeks have been pretty overwhelming here at the Breakfast Projekt. Things had been heating up, despite the winters, as the Contest came to a close. Some fabulous recipes from some super cool people have found their way into our Inbox, and we don't envy our judges! They have a massive task ahead of them. To choose the very best recipes from a wonderful selection that we have been reviewing.

Tomorrow, we will be sharing the Shortlisted Entries. We will only be sharing the recipes, and not the names of the Contestants. Not as yet. But of course, you all will know when you see your recipe in the list. For those of you who are not in the shortlisted entries tomorrow, I have this to say - You all have been fabulous. I am grateful for the enthusiasm shown by all of you, and please know that this has been a great experience for all of us. I do hope that you will continue to stay involved with The Breakfast Projekt even after the Contest gets over.

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