A Day Long Brunch And Good Friends For Company

What is a great event if it does not end with great food, fabulous company and some wonderful conversations! For almost a month, the Breakfast Projekt Recipe Contest had us all on our toes. The Breakfast Projekt Team was up several nights, going through every single recipe, ensuring that no worthy entry was left out in the cold.All that hard work needed some rewards, and our came in the form of the Finale Brunch. With friends, and four fabulous judges for company, we cooked and munched our way through Five Fabulous entries, and some lovely food brought in as a part of the potluck brunch. 

Roxanne Bamboat walked in with huge boxes filled with finger-licking awesome Parsi food. Richa Lulla's orange butter is still haunting our day dreams. Kumar Jhuremalani's mom sent vegetable sticks that vanished before we could set the platter down. There was a Bruschetta bar that kept our guests busy. All in all, much food was eaten, and recipes were ranked, and three final winners were chosen. My little fairy, Monisha Mansukhani helped with the beautiful decor that everyone noticed and appreciated. Megha Deokule, of i2cook, brought in cookies made from organic coconut sugar that will leave you swooning with delight. I love it when food is being eaten, talked about and future meals and rendezvous are being planned. And that's what happened at this brunch which went on till about 8 in the evening!

I love having guests over. The energy that fills the house when happy people are being fed, remains with the hosts for days afterwards. I feel my home come alive with friends indulging in friendly, animated banters. Food is what generates and nurtures this energy for me. The Contest is long over. the winners have received their hampers. I am glad that everyone had a great time. So what next? Well, I need a break. I just came back from a busy holiday to Thailand and some food travel posts are coming your way soon.  It's off to Goa next. But most importantly, there is something exciting brewing up. I really look forward to hosting more such events soon. And will also be sharing loads more recipes. Stay tuned.

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