What's a great vacation without fabulous food?

Yesterday, my Facebook status read, "A bunch of foodies might not be the prettiest bunch of people around, but they sure are the happiest!" And I truly live by these words.

To me food is not an occasional flirting. It’s an everyday affair I have with vegetables, meats, cheeses and a million other things that become my playmates in the never ending sport that is cooking. It continues when I am travelling, and that’s what happened when my husband and I recently went off on a vacation through some Northern parts of India. Our first stop was Mussoorie, cold and happy, surrounded by apple orchards in full bloom!

From there, we made a pit stop at Dehradoon, another very pretty city, and then spent a couple of days in Agra. This was Mr M’s first visit to my birthplace, and he loved the Taj Mahal. The final phase of our vacation was spent in New Delhi, where we both attended a dear friend’s wedding.

The biggest highlight of this trip was the food. We ate, and we ate, and we ate some more. Kebabs were aplenty on our plates, along with some succulent burgers from Nirula’s, a food chain that has been a childhood favourite of mine.

I know there has been a huge backlog of recipes and breakfast pictures, but I promise you that the same are coming up soon. Along with that contest I promised you. For now, drool over some fabulous food pictures.

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