BBC Good Food - Shanghai Club celebrates Good Food Day

As a food lover, I am, no doubt, always on a look out for some great food events across the city. So, obviously, the Good Food day by BBC Good Food, celebrated  with Global Classics at ITC Grand Central, Mumbai on October 21, was a God-sent opportunity to taste some favorite classics. I chose the Shanghai Club for no particular reason, and Great Food was all I expected from the event.

The event started a bit late. No, make that quite late, because the first batch of patrons arrived late, and then refused to let go of their tables, making the second lot wait really long for their meal. By the time we were seated for our 1.30 pm lunch, it was almost 3 pm. So we just stood around, posing for pictures and trying to keep our spirits up on a particularly hot day. But kudos to the ITC staff for keeping their poise, and handling the situation with grace, showing their exceptional hospitality skills.

After that long a wait, we would not have accepted a meal less than spectacular. And we were not disappointed. Since neither my husband, nor I, eat pork, we substituted out Non-veg starter of Barbecue Spare Ribs, prepared by Chef Nikhil Chib, with Fresh Vietnamese Spring rolls with Tofu & Lemongrass.

These were followed by the second course of Korean Beef Bulgogi , Korean Chili paste and Lollo Rosso, again by Chef Nikhil Chib. Tender, juicy and perfectly flavored, it sure was a delight after our long Fast.

The beef was followed by Spicy Prawns with Wasabe, served by Chef Yang Jiayu. This was the star of our meal. Our taste buds still dream of these prawns. 

Post this course, Chef Nitin Tandon took over with his spicy Lamb Massaman Curry with Rice. Believe me, it was one of the best lamb curries I have had, and it reinforced my belief that Nitin is amongst the most talented Chefs in town.

The lamb was followed by an excellent Phad Thai, with a succulent bite of Basa! 

A Chicken Burmese Khao Suey, conjured by Chef Nikhil was served post the Phad Thai, but we never got around to taking pictures of that. We did manage, however, to click a picture of Chef Yang's Date Pan Cake with home made Ice cream and Nitin's Sticky Rice and Coconut Pudding. 

No sooner were we done congratulating ourself on driving all the way to Parel to be a part of the celebrations, we were given one more reason to rejoice! A Goodie Bag, thoughtfully put together by BBC Good Food, just for the avid foodies. It was a day very well spent, with an 8 course meal cooked by city's leading Chefs. 

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