The Night Of The Halloween

Trick or treat?

I am super excited about Halloween! I know it's not an Indian concept, but it's delightful for most, spiritual for others, and I have embraced it wholeheartedly. For me Halloween begins days before 31st October, when I ponder over my costume, and look for new ways to keep the decor spooked and creative.

Sharing with you some quick decor and recipe ideas to keep your Halloween fun and scary!

Martha Stewart does it again with some fabulous Halloween Decor ideas. Click HERE to get the spooks started!

Apartmenttherapy gets into Festive Mode with some really cool go-to ideas for Halloween decor! Get your Spook decor fix HERE.

When you are done with the decor, move on to the bites with some easy recipes HERE.

HWTM does not disappoint, with some fabulous drool-worthy recipes that you can find HERE

And some more recipes HERE!

Hope you have a fabulous time! Do share your Halloween spooks with me!

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