Food Outings with Loved Ones

Food has such an integral role to play in our social and cultural structure. It brings families together, makes friends out of strangers, helps bring life to celebrations. Whenever we find a cause to celebrate, we do so with food. An evening out with friends is just incomplete without food. It's not just fuel for our bodies, it also sustains our social lives in more ways than we can count. The rituals and imagery associated with food are so deep rooted in our collective conscience that it would take books and books to put them all down for our records. 

And I am fortunate to have discovered the poetic aspect of food. And its literary aspect. I love food as Art, as means to get my loved ones together, as a never ending topic of discussion and debate.

Following are some food pictures from some of my Food Outings with people who matter, and include pictures of my loved ones as well. The lovely couple are my brother Prashant and his beautiful wife, Mala. The sleeping beauty is my best friend, Beena. And it's my husband and me you can see in the mirror. 

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